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Miss the Cut-Off for Christmas??

The holidays are a hectic time and some people haven’t even started looking for presents until now.   The bad news, yes you missed the cut-off for the Dec. 15th shipment – but have no regrets!  The good news is that you can tell your gift recipients that their super special (and totally worth the wait) […]

Gus & Grey “It’s Jam not Jelly!” | Mitten Crate

Eat jam. Enjoy. Repeat.  That’s the mantra of Gus & Grey, a Ferndale Michigan cottage food producer.  Tara is the captain of this delicious ship of fruity concoctions.  Funky flavors and memorable names make for great conversation at your next gathering, or just a better tasting sandwich…. we mean “jamwich”. We got together with the […]

Best Summer Vacations in Michigan

Porcupine Mountains These gems in the Upper Peninsula offer some of the best scenery in the entire state.  There are hundreds of waterfalls, miles of hiking trails and even a “Lake of the Clouds”.  If you’re an outdoors type person this is basically paradise. Traverse City Wine Tour The battle of Old Mission Peninsula […]

Leave No Charcuterie Board Behind – Beau Bien Fine Foods

Some companies make jam, some companies make marmalade.  However they are usually too sugary and don’t really do anything besides taste good with peanut butter (what doesn’t taste good with peanut butter thought?) Beau Bien Fine Foods is not your typical ‘fruits n stuff’ in a jar company.  No, these two ladies throw lunch bag […]

Scotty O’Hotty – Beer & Hot Sauce

Beer as a main ingredient in hot sauce?  Ya, that’s correct.  Scotty O’ Hotty makes some fantastic premium hot sauces right here in Michigan.  Even for such a young company, they are taking their capsaicin culinary concoctions to new heights and winning awards along the way.  They make hot sauce for every level of heat […]