A Decadent Dose of Daily De-Lish!

Morning rituals are important.  What you eat in the morning is more important to us here at Mitten Crate.  We are spoiled when it comes to breakfast really, between all the jams, baked goods and farm fresh eggs we come across we really have it made.  But Molly at Daily DeLish, dailyde-lish.com, has made us granola worshipers.  Her blend of perfectly toasted, mostly organic and every flavor granolas are now a morning staple when we don’t have the time (or in reality are just too lazy to get out the skillet for eggs) and need something quick, tasty and packed with nutrients.  Did we mention that it’s addicting? This is an addiction we can get behind.

We met up with Molly and asked her to tell you guys what it means to be the “Granola Goddess” behind this amazing brand.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started your own company

“My self-taught baking journey began very early (7 yrs old maybe) with my “Easy Bake Oven” – best gift ever!  By high school I was already replacing butter with peanut butter for added nutrition, and dabbling with Whole Wheat Flour and other Real ingredients in a late-80’s time when the trends where more focused on ‘short-cuts’ and ‘low-fat’.  After working years in restaurants learning everything from service to accounting and research & development, I was ready to start my own gig”.


Daily De-lish began from a need for better granola in my own household, but quickly grew out of local demand!


Where are you located?  You mention that it is your production facility, as well as a retail store that patrons can come shop at, correct?


“The Granola Goddess, home of Daily De-lish is located at  4950 Plainfield suite F | Grand Rapids, Mi 49525.  I’ve been in this location for almost a year.  This is my first retail bakery.  I started the business in Jan 2010, renting space in other certified kitchens and selling online, at farmers markets and to retail stores, growing each year.  We are having a great first year and we love when people come to the shop, we do so much more than just granola!”


What makes my granola unique?


One of the main reasons I started making granola is that I felt that it always fell short on the important, nutrient-rich nuts and seeds.  Anyone can make an oat-heavy granola.  It’s the protein-packed nuts and seeds that I wanted, not just carbs.  This has been challenging, as quality nuts and seeds are not inexpensive, but I’ve committed to being known for a very ‘nutty’ granola and for using organic ingredients.”


What is your favorite part about owning a Michigan food business?


“Favorite part? I really love everything about it.  It’s amazing to know that people enjoy and appreciate something that I’ve created.  I also love having a flexible schedule to be there for my young boys.”


Tell our readers where they can find their fix of Daily De-Lish


Daily De-lish granola can be purchased:

Online: www.TheGranolaGoddess.com

Fulton Street Farmers Market (May-October), Ada Farmers Market (June-Oct)

Through the West Michigan Co-op & Door to Door Organics

Grand Rapids: My shop (The Granola Goddess), Art Of The Table, Horrocks, Nourish Organic Market.

Kalamazoo: Sawall Health Foods, Natural Health Center, Beer & Skittles

Holland: Michigan Pantry


Lastly, what is the best way to enjoy some of your amazing granola?


There’s no wrong way to enjoy granola!  Eat it straight out of the bag or sprinkle it on yogurt, ice cream or salad.