Al Dente Basil Fettuccine


What happens when you mix French blood with Italian tradition?  The American Dream.  That’s what Al Dente is all about, mixing the best of all worlds (and ingredients) to produce a pasta that has the amazing flavor and texture of homemade.  Our recipes are guaranteed to inspire all cooks, from the novice to the three-star chef.  And, Al Dente cooks in just 3 minutes!  Enjoy!

Here’s what Monique had to share with us about making some of the best domestic pasta right here in the Great Mitten State.

Enter Monique;

The pasta world is all about sharing. Back in 1981, noted cookbook author Marcella Hazan shared with me the secrets to making perfect pasta. Since that time, we have been making pasta with wonderful flavor and amazing texture. You’d swear your Italian grandmother had made it in her own kitchen. Best of all, Al Dente is ready to share with friends and family in just 3 minutes!

It has been more than 32 years since we rolled out the first bag of pasta the summer of 1981 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  And yes, Al Dente is now on store shelves all over the country. But, we still make the pasta with the same dedication and enthusiasm that we did back then.

Although the company has grown considerably over the years, and Al Dente Pasta is now available nationwide, they still use the exact recipe and technique that they developed three decades ago. Why? Because it cannot be improved.  First, they use the very best ingredients-100% durum wheat, nutritious eggs and premium herbs and spices. Second, Monique has never strayed from her mentor’s advice. Marcella Hazan imparted to her the importance of rolling the dough repeatedly to achieve the sublime, velvety, fresh texture that has made Al Dente, Inc. famous ‘tender but firm’ pasta that cooks up to ‘al dente’  perfection in just 180 seconds.

Now, when visitors visit Monique and Dennis in their factory overlooking Whitmore Lake, they see a real family business in action-husband, wife and sister working side-by-side with loyal, long-time employees who are veritable pasta experts. Truly, this is a story of pasta, passion and the American Dream.

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