Bur Oaks Makes Popcorn Real Again


Some of you might be too young to remember stove top popcorn,  but I’m sure most of you have seen those new popcorn makers with the sweeping arm the goes around and around.  Well what goes around comes around, because old school popcorn is where it’s at.  Leagues better than those big brand microwave popcorn with  chemicals in the bag, Bur Oaks make a non-GMO red kernel popping corn that’s tasty and responsible.
I’ll let Tom and Rossane tell you a little about Bur Oaks.
Bur Oaks Farm is located on the north side of Ann Arbor.  Crops grown on the farm include red & white popcorn, food grade soybeans, as well as traditional grains.  We have operated this farm since 1982, adding an FDA approved processing facility in early 2000.
Our popcorns are unique varieties, not grown by most commercial growers as these specialty corns do not yield well, but they have wonderful flavor and are extremely tender.  Additionally we do not fumigate our corn as most growers do, but control grain moths by freezing.  In addition to our popcorn we also dry roast soybeans, and offer our soynuts in three flavors as well as plain.  All of our products come from the farm they are grown on.
We prefer to pop our corn in a stir type popper, popped with a small amount of grape seed oil, topped with only salt.  But flavoring is certainly a personal preference.
Our products are available throughout Michigan as well as from our website: www.buroaksfarm.com