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Chose Local When Sourcing Closing Gifts

We offer limited number of closing gifts, corporate gifts and client retention gifts per month.  Using Mitten Crates for your professional gifting will set you apart from the crowd and keep your customers talking about you for months.  On top of generating more referrals, each crate provides a donation of three meals to Gleaners Community […]

Mitten Crate’s Passion, an Open Letter

–Mitten Crate’s open essay on why they do what they do– Eat. Love. Michigan. These three words define us as individuals and encapsulate the essence of Mitten Crate as a business. As easy as it is for us to talk at length about what we do and how we do it, it’s equally as difficult […]

Talkin’ Trash – A Guide to Food Waste and What to do About it!

Here’s is a super relevant article and infographic on how to waste less food, which helps out Michigan in more ways than one.  Thanks to our friends over at for this amazing infographic guide.  To see the original guide on the please click here — In 2010, around one-third of the food produced […]

5 Reasons Everyone Wins When We Shop Small | Mitten Crate

Shopping local is more than just a trend, it’s a way to uplift your community.  Thank you to for the design work. Shop Small with Mitten Crate – View as PDF  

Gleaners Dinner for 10,000

Gleaners dinner