Crunch Granola – Gluten free goodness

crunch granolaOne of Mitten Crate’s founding principals was giving back to the people in our state, we achieve this by donating 3 meals for every crate that we deliver.  Crunch Granola was a perfect match for our inaugural shipment because Christine, founder of Crunch Granola, donates 2 meals per 12oz bag of granola.  So together We donated over 350 meals to hungry Michiganders just in October alone (Christine has donated 40,000 meals through her company in just a couple years time).  Here’s what She had to say when we asked her a little more about why she does what she does.

Tell us a little about yourself and the company you own/run?

I’m nobody special.  I’m just the Mom of two small children.  I was really moved by the problem of hunger in our community.  I can’t stand the idea of anyone going hungry.  After my son was born, I looked at both of my children (Cailyn – 5 and Michael – 3) and realized I had to do something to help. The idea of kids going hungry just breaks my heart yet today it’s the reality for so many.

In order to address hunger in our community, I started a company in January 2012 called Crunch Granola. We aren’t your typical start-up company. We pride ourselves in not only making a quality handmade product but also in being part of the community.  We don’t want to simply sell our product; our goal and the reason for our company is to make a difference.  With that in mind, we are building the company on the foundation that 50% of our profit will be donated to local food banks to help end childhood.  The need is great and we want to be part of the solution.

From the day of launch we have provided two meals through Forgotten Harvest for every bag of granola sold in the metro Detroit area.  Basically, with every purchase our customers become benefactors.  As we grow, the amount we will be able to give back will grow as well. 

Along the way, I have realized that people have power, not only in how they vote but also in how they spend by keeping more of their purchases local and buying items from companies that reinvest in community. We live in an amazing place and time.  Hunger is a problem that we can conquer by thinking out of the box and by working together!

What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in     business?

We are located in Wolverine Lake, Michigan.  Our first market appearance was February    2012.

 What makes your products special/unique?

Not only is our granola healthy and delicious, it’s made in small batches with all natural, gluten free ingredients.  We also use local ingredients whenever possible.  From day one, together with our customers, we’ve donated 2 meals with every 12oz bag we’ve sold.  That number is now over 39,000 meals!

 What’s the favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my job is the connection I feel with our community.  We have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people.  Getting to see first hand how amazing our community and the impact they can have is really inspiring.  

Where can we buy more of your products?

We are in a few farmers markets and grocery stores in the area and on-line at Door to Door Organics – Michigan. We have also just launched our on-line store.  You can find a complete list of locations and visit our on-line store at

What’s the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product?

Here are a few ways our granola can be used:

    As a topping yogurt

    Add it to your oatmeal

    Sprinkled on salads

    A topping for ice cream

    Topping for baked apples

    Use it as breading for baked chicken for pork

    Simply as a snack

We also have a wonderful recipe on-line for cheesecake that uses our granola for the crust.  It’s amazing!  You can find that recipe at:

Crunch Granola Facebook