Got Questions?

We want you to start enjoying Michigan Made foods the easiest way possible. Here’s a list of helpful answers that go into detail regarding some of our most asked questions. If this doesn’t help you then shoot us an email at, we will respond to customers within a day or two!

What is Mitten Crate?
Mitten Crate is a subscription box service for people who would like to discover Michigan made, artisan foods. Each month, our team will curate a box of 4-6 delicious food items, made right here in Michigan, and send it directly to your front door.
What's in the Mitten Crate?
Each month you’ll receive anywhere from 4-6 Michigan made food items to feast on and make your friends jealous. The contents are a surprise every month, check our social media for examples of past vendors.
How much does it cost?
Mitten Crates cost $35 each month, or $99 charged every three months.
What's the deal with the three month subscription?
Mitten Crate offers a three month subscription package so save you a little bit of money.  Instead of renewing every month it will renew every third month.
Can I give a Mitten Crate subscription as a gift?
Yes! When you fill out the order page just put your recipient’s address in the fields for “Shipping Address”.
Is Shipping Included?
All subscribers will receive free shipping. Try it/Gift it patrons will pay a calculated shipping rate. Unfortunately shipping is high the further you get from Michigan. We do not make money off shipping.
When will I receive my Mitten Crate?
All orders are shipped out on the 15th* of each month via FedEx. In order to receive a crate for the month, be sure to order on or before the 1st of the month. (*Give or take a few days. We reserve the right to change shipping dates based on weekends, holidays and other events where shipping exactly on the 15th is not an option.
When am I billed?
If you signed up for the monthly subscription you will be charged that day and then once every month until you choose to cancel. Three Month subscriptions will be charged on the same date during the third month (June 21st order date will renew September 21st). All other orders are a standard one time payment when the order is placed.
I was charged this month but did not receive my Mitten Crate, what gives?
We collect payments on the date you first ordered, and payments renew exactly one month from that date. Sign up on or before the 1st of the month to receive your Mitten Crate the next month. You will receive a shipment for every month you were billed.
I missed the 1st of the month deadline, will I receive this month's Mitten Crate?
Since your order began after the 1st of the month deadline, your first crate will ship next month. You will receive a shipment for every month you were billed. We do send out the One time “gift” crates that month as long as there are enough crates for the subscriptions of that month.
I have food allergies or have restricted dietary needs, should I join?
Yes! Unfortunately, we are currently unable to guarantee products we feature are free of allergens or will satisfy differences in dietary restrictions, but there is something in each Mitten Crate for everyone. Check our blog for examples of past crates.
Are there costs or restrictions for canceling a subscription?
After canceling, you will not be charged for subsequent months, but you will receive a final Mitten Crate for the last month(s) paid. There are never penalties for canceling, and you can do so at any time.
I'm sending this as a gift, is there a price sheet in the box?
Your Mitten Crate will never include an invoice with the price on it. It will only have a Gift Sheet with the items included along with the senders name and The gift Note, if included.
I'm sending this as a gift, can I include a customized note?
Yes, Please include this in the “Gift Note” Box on the Cart Page.
Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally?
Unfortunately at this time we are not able to accommodate these orders. We suggest having your order shipped to a location within the continental U.S. and then forwarding it on to its final destination from there.
I live outside the U.S. can I still subscribe?
Unfortunately at this time we are not able to accommodate international orders.
Can I return a Mitten Crate?
All Mitten Crates are a final sale, and cannot be returned.
An item in my box is damaged, what gives?
In the rare event one of the items in your shipment is damaged, we will ship you a replacement product. However, we ask that you submit a photo of the damage so we can relay that information to our fulfillment team. Please email us in the event that an item was damaged.
I'm a Michigan Made food company, how do I get my wares in a Mitten Crate?
We are always looking for the next great product! Please send us an email at so we can give you an address to forward samples and information to.
You didn't answer my question!
Send us an email directly at