Fireside Coffee Roasters: Just Add Water!


MC: Tell us a little about yourself and the company you own/run.

FSC: Fireside Coffee Company has been specializing in premium gourmet coffee since 1988.  Our signature line of instant coffee blends all have a chocolate base and amazing flavors.  You’ll also enjoy Fireside’s chai tea, hot cocoa and whole bean coffee – all Made in Michigan!  We’re happy to say that all of Fireside’s products are delicious served hot, iced or frozen!

Fireside Coffee was first made by Carol Davis to give as a gift for friends. In 1988, Carol decided to try selling her coffee at local craft fairs with the hopes of earning money for her children’s college funds.  Soon local retailers approached Carol asking to carry her delicious products in their stores.  By 1991, Carol had added several more flavors to the Fireside Coffee line and had begun selling her coffees to stores and at folk art shows across the country. The tradition continues today. You can still find Carol doing several of the shows yearly (she loves to stay in touch with her customers), but Fireside now has multiple teams of exhibitors and sales reps to help her out.

In 1993, Carol’s home-based business had expanded to a two-building production and office facility in the small town of Swartz Creek, Michigan, where it continues today. Their product line has increased to 14 flavors of Fireside Coffee that are available in both regular and decaf, 5 flavors in sugar free, chai tea in 4 varieties, 2 flavors of hot cocoa and a variety of gift items.  And all Fireside Coffee products are proudly made in America – in fact, they are all made in Michigan!

After her youngest daughter, Angie, graduated from college in 2003 she came to work for the family business.  Today Carol and Angie continue to work close together in all aspects of the company, from new product development to the office Christmas party.  And other “family members” are present as well – from an employee who’s been with the company for 18 years, to the retailers who’ve been selling Fireside for 20 consecutive years, to the new customers and friends that are met daily.  You can find Fireside Coffee at various independent gift stores and specialty shops throughout the U.S.A, and online at

MC:What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in business?

FSC: Our headquarters is in Swartz Creek, MI (office, production facility & company store).  We sell to independent gift & specialty stores around the country – but are most heavily represented in Michigan and the mid-west. This is our 27thyear in business.

MC: What makes your products special/unique?

FSC: We pride ourselves on only selling products with truly exceptional flavor.  If we can’t get a recipe just right, we won’t release the product.  We keep working on it to make sure it’s the very best.  And that fact that all you need to do is add water is a big bonus too.  No need to add your own milk, cream, sugar or flavoring – its all done for you!

And all of our products can be made hot, iced or frozen – it’s the same product so you can change it up with your mood (or the weather).  If it’s a hot day out, try Iced Chai!  If we’re in the middle of a Michigan winter 😉 then a big hot mug of Spiced chai should do the trick!


MC: What’s your favorite part about your job?

FSC: I love learning new and better ways to improve our customer service and customer experience.  It’s exciting to make a change that we know is going to impact our customers positively – whether that be a new flavor, new size, new way of shipping… it all helps us grow as a business and ultimately serve our customers better.   Plus I’m a nerd and just love learning. J

MC: Where can we buy more of your products?

FSC: Online at

At our Company Store: 3239 Elms Rd., Swartz Creek MI  48473

At one of our independent retailers – you can find one near you by searching our online store locator.

MC: What’s the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product?

FSC: All you need is hot water!  It’s perfect for enjoying at home or at work.  Most everyone has access to hot water in their break room, so they can have an awesome coffee-house style drink no matter where they are!