Just Baked – Bet You Can’t Eat Just One!


Just Baked is so much more than a cupcake company.  Pam and her culinary comrades are taking the cupcake shop to the next level.  This month’s inclusion of their “Munchie Mix” gives just a small taste of the goodness you’ll find from this Michigan Maven.

Tell us a little about yourself and the company you own/run

Just Baked is a cupcake shop and bakery with seventeen locations throughout Southeastern Michigan. Just Baked cupcakes are gourmet cupcakes baked fresh daily, using real butter, real eggs, and real milk. With over 40 different creatively indulgent flavor offerings daily, there is sure to be a flavor for everyone. Our goal is to get our delectable cupcakes in the mouths of people across the country, and allow them to enjoy the happiness of eating a just baked cupcake.

What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in business

Just Baked has been in business since January of 2009, opening in an old bread bakery in Livonia, Michigan. Since then, Just Baked has expanded across Metro-Detroit, with 17 locations.

What makes your products special/unique

What makes just baked cupcakes unique is that we use real ingredients: we crack our own eggs, use real butter, and real milk. We believe we bake not only the best cupcakes in the world, but allow for a shareable, happy experience between people eating our product.

What’s the favorite part about your job

The best part about just baked is the amount we give back. We love to pay it forward by performing acts of Cupcake Kindness: to charities, to local business, to our local firefighters and police force, and to our customers. We believe that if we treat our community kindly, they will treat us kindly as well.

Where can we buy more of your products

You can visit any just baked store (www.justbakedshop.com/our-locations/), or order online at www.justbakedshop.com/shop

What’s the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product

Sharing! .  Buy a dozen, take them home, to a party or to an office, cut them up and share the experience!