Motown Soup – Giving Back the Tasty Way


Some companies give back a percentage to help those in need.  Non profits take it  a step further by donating most of their profits after administrative and payroll.  Motown soup takes it a step further and most of the work is done by happy volunteers.  They donate to local food banks, free health clinics and homeless shelters.  Its a great product backed by great ideals and a passion for humanity.
A little about the company:
Motown Soup is a  501 (c) (3)  non-profit.  Everyone involved in the project is a volunteer.  Everyone!!  We produce premium soup and baked goods mixes and market them.  The profits each year are distributed to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food pantries and free clinics in the greater Detroit metro area.  That is the bottom line joy of all the volunteers:  helping others.  The sales and profits grow each year.  Profits distributed from last year, 2012, were $60,000
*  $22,000 to the Detroit Rescue Mission which shelters 1800 people each night
*  $20,000 to a new free clinic in Shelby Township/Macomb County
*  $  5,000 to Gleaner’s Food Bank (Detroit metro region)
*  $  5,000 to Forgotten Harvest
*  $  3,000 to the MCREST shelter
*  $  5,000 in smaller amounts to others including sites in Flint, Howell, and Ypsi
Location and start-up
Motown Soup works out of a state licensed kitchen (space provided by Trinity Lutheran Church in Utica) with volunteers working one morning or evening shift each week.  Everyone is a volunteer–from the facilitator, the treasurer, the CPA, the production workers to the sales teams and shipping department.  We all know that our ‘dollar value per hour worked’ is about $12….and that amount is 100% being distributed to help others.
In December, 2003 eight ministries/agencies from metro Detroit were asked to consider beginning a soup mix company as a way of adding extra funds to their bottom line. Four responded.   Motown United Ministries began.  We worked for 9 months on recipes and sales plans.  While 2 of the ministries did not continue, the Detroit Rescue Mission and MCREST moved ahead.  Sales of 2004 were ‘break even’ with profits starting in 2005.
What makes our products so special?
First, great taste.  We have a wide range of products from very mild to reasonably bold.   “What is your favorite soup?” is often the questions when I am on a sales team.  My answer, “The brownies.”  Ha ha.  Actually, it depends upon your taste buds.
Second, through our sales of 2012 we have given back directly to the community $291,100 of our profits with 2013 looking like it will continue to grow our giving power.  Our phrase is “Good for YOU, Good for the community!”
One of our sales people began the phrase “Know that while YOU are enjoying the soup that someone else is eating BECAUSE of you.”  How true.  A win-win.
When we work with corporate gifting and fund raisers, it becomes a triple win!
Favorite part of the job
Everything.  Absolute best is giving out checks to ministries that help others and hearing/sharing their success stories.  I love hearing how much people have enjoyed the soups.  Working with our volunteers as they make the mixes.  It’s like a family as we solve the world’s problems while making the mixes.  The morning team leader makes half a dozen batches of cookies and brownies each week to feed the troops.  Even staff at the church come by to ‘check out’ the sweets array of the day.  Love it ALL!
Where to purchase has all the information you need, including nutritional info for our top sellers.  Call us at 586-731-449 ext. 3  to pick up at our ‘warehouse.’
We are also in area shops:
Yellow Door in Berkeley, Merri-Craft Florist in Livonia, and the Art-Is-In Stores at Partridge Creek Mall, Twelve Oaks Mall and Laurel Park Place Mall.
“Like us” on face book to receive our specials and updates.
Best way to enjoy the product
A quick meal of tomato basil soup with grilled cheese sandwiches when you are in a hurry.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup Mix with Cornbread when you have time.  Follow that with brownies made in a muffin tin, served hot with ice cream and Sander’s milk chocolate hot fudge streaming down……oh, excuse me, I have to end the blog….I think I hear a brownie sundae calling me……………………….

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