Move Over Biscotti, There’s a New Italian Favorite – Lomonaco Sicilian Cookies

If any Italian cookie has its claim to fame it would be the biscotti.  What if you wanted a soft baked melt in your mouth style of treat instead of that ultra hard, crack a molar or dip it in your coffee type of cookie?  What if you want your Italian cookies to be handmade in Michigan?  Hand packed with recipes handed down from the old world, JJ Lomonaco Sicilian style cookies it’s about time the biscotti moved over.  We met up with J & J of JJ Lomonaco to get the inside on what makes these cookies so popular.
About our company:
The company is run by my wife Josie and myself, John.
 We started baking our product at an incubator kitchen in Hart Michigan (The Starting Block).  After approximate two years our orders surpassed our ability to work out of an incubator kitchen.  We then moved our baking to a facility which was more conducive to our baking needs.
    We started selling our product by word of mouth.  Then we entered into the Internet world of selling and today we offer our product through numerous retailers as well as our web store / web page (, e-mail or over the phone.
    Currently, we are located in Grand Rapids, Mich.  We bake our product out of licensed baking facility on the south end of Grand Rapids.  The company has been in existence as JJ Lomonaco & Co., LLC  dba as Lomonaco Sicilian Cookies, for about four years.
Product Uniqueness:
    Our product is definitely unique.  To our knowledge we are the only company making “Six varieties of Sicilian Cookies”  Go to and we will be referenced to define “Sicilian Cookies”.  Basically our cookies are Sicilian because the recipe came from my wife’s family in Sicily Italy.  The cookies were once (and maybe still are) made in Sicily! Our cookies are cake like, not hard as other twice baked Italian cookies are (traditional Biscotti).
    Our Cucidati cookie (fig) is the best in the country as stated by many customers.  We make our fig filling from scratch from whole figs.  We have been compared to Cucidati cookies from the Baltimore, New York and Chicago and have been told ours are better then all mentioned.
    Another uniqueness to our product is that we will package and ship any variety of our cookies to our customers.  Special orders are standard at Lomonaco Sicilian Cookies.
Favorite part of our jobs:
     Selling Sicilian cookies to people who say that our product is as good as their “Italian grandmother use to make”.
    We enjoy making our customer happy by taking the extra steps and working with customers on special events such as weddings, corporate events and holiday gift packs.
Buy Lomonaco Sicilian Cookies at:
    You can purchase our product three ways.
    One, Visit one of our retailers listed on our web page. (list attached)
    Two, Order through our e-store via our web page. (
    Three, Order by phone or e-mail.  We deliver everywhere! ([email protected]com)
Best way to enjoy our cookies:
    Warm them up!  Only takes a few seconds in the microwave.  Or in your oven until the bottoms are golden brown.  They are served in restaurants in Grand Rapids that way.
    You can also enjoy our cookies, like the Italians do, with a glass of your favorite wine!
     Serve them at your business event, a luncheon, order them for your friends / business associates for a  special event or holiday. Or you can eat them out of the package.  They are always good to the last crumb.
figWe sent out a 3-pack in the Mitten Crate, which was your favorite flavor?