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Little Diablo Salsa is run by husband and wife team, Doug and Stacy. Both lifelong Michiganders sharing both a passion for the food community and The Great Lakes State. With 35+ years experience between them, they are no strangers to the food biz.  Little Diablo Salsa is a family owned business and we take great pride in our product and our business model.  Make delicious food, be good to the community and above all, have fun!  All our salsas are 100% all natural without any chemical additives.  They are also gluten free and low in sodium.  We oversee the entire process from sourcing local ingredients to producing and packaging our salsa. So, when you pick up that jar of salsa you know that Doug and Stacy both had a hand in making it. A washed hand, of course. That’s why we put their names on every jar.

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What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in business

Little Diablo Salsa is based in Brighton and can be found in many local retailers around Michigan as well as in Ohio, Indiana and New York. You can purchase salsa directly from the website at and we ship all over the USA.  Little Diablo Salsa in entering it’s third year and we are just getting started!

What makes your products special/unique

Our salsas are 100% all natural. It was important to us to have an ingredient list that you could actually read and recognize.  What you will find is; fresh vegetables, celery seed and basil. You were expecting cilantro, weren’t you?  We think the fresh basil pairs really well with the celery seed which gives our salsa that fresh from the garden taste you don’t find in many jarred salsas today.  What you won’t find in our salsa? Chemicals, preservatives, gluten, added sugars, thickeners like tomato paste or water.  We hear over and over that our salsa tastes like it was just made. We agree and that’s why we say  “If you didn’t know it came out of a jar, you wouldn’t know it came out of a jar” (TM)

What’s the favorite part about your job

There is nothing more satisfying that working for yourself and building your dreams. We get to meet all kinds of interesting and hard working people. Like the produce guys who we have met through our vegetable sourcing and the store owners who support and promote Made in Michigan products.  Through Little Diablo Salsa we are able to give back to our community in ways that go beyond a dollar and that’s important to us both.

Where can we buy more of your products

You can visit our website at Little Diablo Salsa and search for a location nearest you. We are in 100+ locations in four states. We can also ship salsa and gift boxes to anywhere in the USA.  Think you know a location that might want to put Little Diablo on the shelves? Let us know!

Little Diablo Salsa

Our all natural, vegetarian salsas are gluten and preservative free made with only the freshest ingredients. We are chips best friend!
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Whats the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product

In 2013 salsa outsold ketchup as America’s most favorite condiment.  The people have spoken.. they want flavor! We use our mild garlic and medium chipotle salsa in cooking several times a week. In the summer time we marinate chicken in the garlic salsa before it goes on the grill and it makes a super easy and fast gazpacho! We pour the chipotle salsa over salmon and grill it up.  In the winter we use the chipotle salsa to make chili and crockpot meals.  There is nothing easier than opening a jar of perfectly seasoned salsa and adding it to a simple roast in a crock pot for a super tasty, fast, EASY week day dinner that tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. Oh yeah.. it’s great on chips too!  Stacy likes to eat her salsa with pita chips.. Doug prefers thicker cut corn tortilla chips.  No matter what gets dipped into our salsa we are certain it will be delicious.

Now I’m getting hungry for anything with some heat!! Check out Little Diablos Facebook for updates on this spicy enterprise.