October 13′ Mitten Crate

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Gearing up for the October shipment was equal parts stress and fun to say the least. We even developed a phrase, “start-up problems”, to encompass all our bumps and hurdles along the way. But the cons were greatly outweighed by the pros, we have been ecstatic with how everything turned our for our inaugural shipment.

To those that have been with us and helped us out at the beginning we owe a giant thank you and a round of applause.

Here’s the lowdown on the wares of the Crate for October 13′.

Crunch Granola
Lush Gourmet Nuts
Slow Jams Jam
Ann Arbor Tortilla Chips
Maria’s House Made Salsa
The Twisted Pretzel

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Thank you for helping to bring our idea to life!

-The Mitten Crate Team