Scotty O’Hotty – Beer & Hot Sauce


Beer as a main ingredient in hot sauce?  Ya, that’s correct.  Scotty O’ Hotty makes some fantastic premium hot sauces right here in Michigan.  Even for such a young company, they are taking their capsaicin culinary concoctions to new heights and winning awards along the way.  They make hot sauce for every level of heat you could handle (or can’t handle!).  Let’s see what these pepper pioneers have to say about what puts the Hot in Scotty O’Hotty.

Here’s what Scott and Suzi Owens had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself and the company you own/run
Scotty O’Hotty has been tagged as “The Motor City Hot Sauce”.  With several national titles, the most award winning hot sauce in Michigan!  Our company is family owned and operated in Southeast Michigan.  We pride ourselves in making a handcrafted, artisan garden sauce.  Everyone loves to grow and harvest garden vegetables, including hot peppers!  We have been canning and pickling all sorts of fun products for over 10 years.  Scotty O’Hotty has 3 flavor varieties that are available retail.
What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in business
The complete line of Scotty O’Hotty Gourmet Hot Sauces are manufactured in a licensed commercial kitchen in Southfield, Michigan called The Culinary Studio (soon to be our own facility).  Our company officially launched in January 2013.
What makes your products special/unique
Scotty O’Hotty is the “All American Beer Sauce”.  We have the only hot sauce that uses beer as a second ingredient.  We pride ourselves in using all Michigan made ingredients when available, including our labels and bottles. Our sauce is the secret ingredient in many professional chef’s pantries to enhance any dining experience.  Our sauces are a healthy alternative to other national brand, high sodium, chemically enhanced condiments.
What’s the favorite part about your job
We wouldn’t call it a job, its a passion to make healthy, scrumptious foods for all to enjoy. Sharing the fun with our family, friends, community and Michigan! We never set out to be a business it just happened that people loved our products. Watching people try our products and react positively makes our hearts smile, and our passion fulfilled!
Where can we buy more of your products
Scotty O’Hotty is always available to ship from our store at  Our products are available in many retail locations from Cincinnati OH, to Traverse City, MI area.  Some of the larger markets include Hiller’s, Westborn Market, Joe’s Produce, Neiman’s Market, Danny’s Market, and Monnette’s.  A complete list is available on our website.  Click on the “Where to Find Us” tab to see a location near you.
Whats the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product
Our line of sauces are unique in that they are extremely versatile.  We offer 3 levels of heat.  Each having their own flavor based on what pepper is used in creating the sauce.
     Our Premium Pepper Sauce is a family friendly cooking sauce that really has very little heat but immense flavor.  We use this in our everyday recipes for the family.  Soups, stews, pasta sauces, stir fry, tex-mex, asian, and crock-pot recipes. Our 3 year old loves it on pork chops and chicken nuggets!
    Our Premium Habanero Sauce has the same base as the Premium Pepper Sauce, with the Habanero heat.  This sauce is best applied on any entree that calls for a kick!  Our favorite application is a eggs, wings, and a Bloody Mary!!
    The Ghost Sauce is our most award winning sauce to date.  1-2-3 National Awards in 13 months!  This sauce has all natural, bhut jalokia (“ghost”) peppers, that are for the expert spicy food lover.  This sauce will make your mouth water when you take a sniff. It is our best seller by far!  People who enjoy spicy flavors absolutely love this product.
    We offer some recipes on our website but we most enjoy consumers sharing ideas on our Facebook/Twitter pages that we often share with the public.  How do u Scotty O’Hotty?