Small Batch Single Origin Coffee in Michigan – Populace Coffee

If there’s one thing about being a Mitten Crate dude, it’s coffee! Coffee keeps us going and is also the catalyst for so much of what we do, meeting new vendors and networking with old ones usually happens over a good cup of joe somewhere in Michigan. When we feature coffee in a Mitten Crate we feature it because they have a great network and retail distribution, so if you like it, you can get it easily.

We recently paired up with Populace Coffee, a brand that we love for the simple fact that they care about the consumer’s java knowledge.

Tell us a little about yourself and the company you own/run

My name is Andrew Heppner and I started Populace Coffee in June 2010. We focus on small batch roasting single origin coffees from around the world. We put a lot of effort into providing training and service for our wholesale partners.

What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in business

Populace Coffee is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster based in Bay City, MI but serving the nation.

What makes your products special/unique

We believe that every coffee we have is special and unique. Each bean is full of flavors that we hope to develop properly by understanding its type, where it came from, and how it was processed. Using this information we can transform each bean into a beautiful beverage.

What’s the favorite part about your job

My favorite part of the job is finding the coffees. I find the coffee and sample roast it to find its sweet spot. It’s a wonderful thing.

Where can we buy more of your products

Our products are found a handful of Michigan specialty coffee bars and coffee bars all over the country. They are also available online at our website. 

What’s the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product

The best way to enjoy our product is as fresh as possible. We roast to order so if you purchase anything from our website it gets roasted the next roasting day and shipped. All of our wholesale partners order on a weekly basis so they typically don’t have anything past 10 days off roast. That’s the best way.

Well, looks like it’s to refill our mugs!! – Mitten Crate