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What most people don’t know about tea is that it was never meant to be blended, never meant to taste the same every single year.  Just like wine, beer and high end chocolate, tea should taste indicative of the region it hails from and should impart notes that  would change with growing variables form year to year.  We sat down with Joe to get the facts on what his vision is by starting a high end tea sourcing company in Detroit.

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Tell us a little about yourself and the company you own/run

Named one of the top 25 tea brands in the world by the Dieline and routinely mentioned by the premier tea writers and bloggers as having some of the best black teas in North America, Joseph Wesley Black Tea was developed to answer the following:

  • How do I reintroduce craft into the tea industry?
  • How do I reintroduce high-quality, single-origin, estate grown teas to a world that expect processed flavored teas?
  • How do I refocus the discussion of tea to embrace the pure form of tea in a culture that is mostly talking about blends, herbs, flowers and fruits?

What is your location and when did you start/how long has the company been in business

Joseph Wesley Black is based out of Detroit and have been in business for just under one year.

What makes your products special/unique

Each harvest I travel to some of the world’s most accomplished and renowned growers from the most renowned tea producing regions in China and India to meticulously evaluate the tea’s cultivation, craft and flavor. In hand selecting each of my offerings, (all of them single origin, estate grown Black Teas) I chose the teas based on how I believe each tea should be grown, produced and taste. I look for what I believe to embody the distinctive characteristics that make these tea producing regions special and unique.
Collectively, the Joseph Wesley Black Teas bring together a complete spectrum of tastes, textures and aromas that truly embody these celebrated tea growing regions. In so doing, I have curated my teas intentionally to avoid overwhelming the drinker with a confusing onslaught of varieties and blends (which more often than not distract from the essential flavors of the tea and dilute the actual product value) to help showcase the terroir of these teas.

What’s the favorite part about your job

Be able to share the, culture, craft and art of tea’s 2500+ year history

Where can we buy more of your products

Currently our teas can be purchased on-line at www.josephwesleytea.com.  Look in Ann Arbor at Zingerman’s. For Detroit seek out all three Pure Detroit locations, both Stella International Coffee locations, Urban Bean Co., Nest, Cliff Bell’s, Woodbridge Pub, Traffic Jam and Snug.  Find us in Ferndale at Eight Degrees Plato, In Birmingham at Mill’s Pharmacy + Epicurous, Grosse Pointe at Fresh Farms Market and in Lansing at Old Town’s Corner Store.  We also sell a lot on Door to Door Organics.

Whats the best way to enjoy/eat/prepare/utilize your product

The greatest part of a well crafted tea, in my experience, is not its certain flavor profiles,  aromas, or appearance.  Rather, and as trite as it may sound, it is in sharing it with someone else. Tea, if you make time for it, can be your way to hydrate, medicate, caffeinate, but more than that it can be a vehicle to slowing down, connecting or reconnecting with what and who you enjoy

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